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Munkeh111 said:

@ majin, remember it is Activision Blizzard, and they will show off MW 2



Well, okay then. But I still stand by what I said about Capcom and Konami.

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I find this objectionable. It is ill-informed, primarily, and doesn't really have a good read on the company's strategies.


I also severely doubt that the next Metal Gear Solid will be shown, unless it is shown in a way that is patently pointless (i.e. a CG teaser that reveals nothing of merit)


I've found that E3 is "won" by megatons, by surprises. Microsoft and especially Nintendo are poised to deliver these in a bigger way than Sony, i think. Sony's shown most of their cards, and the best they can hope for is to reveal a really kickass release schedule (GT5 this year?)


Especially from Nintendo's perspective, the little that we know for sure about what they're up to hints at the possibility of a good handful of megatons, but they have a tendency to squander opportunities, so you never know.

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The problem with Nintendo is that nobody know what the hell they're going to do. All the speculation about the E3 is only about titles and franchises that we know they're going to be there.

But I can't wait for the deceptions, the lulz and the bombs. I really hope something similar to "FF XIII to the XBOX360" that thing was epic and melted so many forums.

Majin-Tenshinhan said:
Munkeh111 said:

@ majin, remember it is Activision Blizzard, and they will show off MW 2

Well, okay then. But I still stand by what I said about Capcom and Konami.

Well certainly Capcom have nothing that excites me, and as have said the only exciting things that Konami will have will be at the Sony Press Conference

Looking forward to see more of God of war 3, Uncharted 2, Moder warfare 2, Tekken 6, Sigma 2, Ratchet and clank Crack in time then im happy.

Correct me if im wrong but isnt Bayonetta published by Sega.


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I'm pretty sure Nintendo will do something very surprising on e3. You can quote me on this after e3 ;)

Here's what I think Nintendo will or might announce in E3

(I don't think it's necessary to create another e3 thread or it might start something. I apologize if this post derails the thread.)

The "it was coming sooner or later"/"obvious" ones:

-Pikmin 3

-Zelda Wii

-Super Mario Galaxy 2

-Luigi's Mansion(?)

-Paper Mario (?)

-Wario Ware (?)

The "It skipped last generation, but was in the generation before that previous gen"

-Pilotwings 64 sequel

-Yoshi Wii title (why not?)

The "iffy or not anyone would care" one

-Mario Dance Remix sequel from GC ?

-Another Pokemon for Wii?

Another Wii title? (Revolves the Miis and online social community?)

The "delayed games after e3".

-Zelda Spirit Track

-Sin and Punishment

-Wii Sports (but we all know this one)

-Cave Story Wii Ware?

(?) = obvious big games but most likely forgotten it already....

Of course, there is no way Nintendo is going to show all of these in e3, I'm just listing what could be in it or most likely will. Anyone think any of these games are possible, though?

its so much easier to hype up games you know about although i think nintendo and microsoft confernces will be the msot entetainign for various reasons:D

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Judging based solely on what they've already announced it's guaranteed that Sony will have an amazing show in general. What will be most interesting to see is if they pull any bombs at their conference. TRICO would be a show winner hands down for me, but I would really like to hear something on the JRPG front (even though I feel like I say this at every show...).

I have no expectations for Nintendo, but Microsoft's conferences have gotten VERY interesting lately. I always watch with bated breath to see which Sony titles they've managed to snag :P.

It's all about the game.

I cant wait for E3.

So many good games gonna be shown