Do you intend to buy Punch-Out!!?

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it is a remake, but im dsefinetly going to buy it

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I loved the original, and i think the new art style is brilliant, but I am still not convinced that there is enough in this game to warrant a full price purchase. But then again, we still do not know all the features.

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I want to pre order it but I can't find a store in mexico that does it. I guess that it will arrive 2-3 months after the US one as always =(

some time in the future

Apparently there is only one new opponent which means i will buy it eventually but it's not a priority

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Without a doubt I'm going to buy it. I still play Mike Tyson's Punch Out on my NES and hopefully this game will improve upon that game.

Ehhhhhh. Im not all that excited about this. Besides, theres plenty more games in the coming months that look much better, Muramasa specially.

Of course! Why wouldn't you buy this game? It seems to be exactly what gaming is about... good addicting fun!

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Yeah though that cover looks really gay.

So do both of your sig pics, as well as your avatar... what's your point?


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