PS3 will overtake X360 by end of 2010 in console wars

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Stranger things have happened this generation, I have heard many tales of compaines laughing at the Wii before release saying it would be destroyed by competition.

There is nothing seperating the console though besides the first party games and the very few third party exclusives, the ones remaining mean very little. This was the fuck up generation for Sony, surprised the console has done as well as it has considering the thing is still $400 and the competiton offers the same if not more.


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By the end of 2010? No.

If the PS3's 2 million lead over the 360 in Japan is Huge, what do we call the 360's lead over the PS3 in America? Massive? Disgustingly Huge? Impossible to overcome?

Just asking.

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darthdevidem01 said:
this is your best thread yet

the PS3 entertainment & True nex-gen system will overtake 360 by the end of this gen


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You know that means that by the end of 2010, the PS3 would need to sell 8 million more units than the 360 does over that same amount of time. I know you're a fanboy, but honestly think about that.

What is gonna push the PS3 to basically double it's yearly sales? Especially when in 2009, it's monthly sales have been less than it was last year.

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You lost a bet, had to remove your porn self picture and make this thread?

O GAWD... not again.

So it is expected that the PS3 is going to sell 200k more per week than the 360 starting today?

Just kiss the tip.

Nah no hope.





PS3 will never overtake 360 this gen. Too late now. Way too far behind. Jpn have 2 million more PS3 but Americans have over 8 million 360s.

But if the 360 stops getting any decent games than it probably would overtake it in a few years. Or it might overtake in it's twilight years in which case the next gen would've already been announced and it wouldn't matter by then so fail.

I have around 20 months for this prediction. End of December 2010 the gap could well and truly be gone.

PS3 has to sell around 400,000 units per week on average more than XBox 360 for this to come true to get level. Two Xmas sales peiod 09' and 10' with PS3 selling 3 million more than X360.

PS3 price cut will hopefully arrive towards end of this year and this will build sales momentum for PS3 to outsell X360 and close the gap. FFXIII releasing in Japan around  Xmas 2009. Gran Turismo 5  released in Europe and NA in late 2009  with PS3 price cut and bundled with PS3.  God of War 3 released early 2010. FFXIII will arrive in Europe and NA around June 2010.