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Which would u choose??Hope this thread makes more sense than the last 1!!

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Final Fantasy VII.

I don't like where the series is going, and I miss my old style RPGs with repetitive battles.

i don't understand why people are excited about a game that they know its story , an HD remake isn't justified.

gta ftw lol
but idk it's to hard
ff13 will be epic

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ffxiii easily. FFvii won't be what it is if you can see all the plot twists, story elements and gameplay attributes from a mile away. A graphical upgrade is just that...a graphical upgrade. It doesn't make the game significantly better

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I would much rather have a FFVII remake. The new battle systems that RPG's are going for has turned me away from the genre. I want the old random encounters, and turn based fighting. RPG's used to be a genre that I could put in and kick back to, but now they are just way to fast paced, and frusterating. My brain is just not programmed for 6 hours of fast paced action, for over 150 hours on one game.

Plus, a remake to FFVII with amazing graphics, and voice work would make the story and game way better. It would allow many people to attach to the charictors better, and show a whole new generation the magic.

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XIII. Why be exited for a game that you've played already?

I'd choose the FF7 remake. It would become my most anticipated game this gen.

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XIII, of course. VII exists already while XIII doesn't. Besides, to me it seems that VII is very overrated but I also think that now isn't a good time for a remake.

Cactus said:
XIII. Why be exited for a game that you've played already?


 But it wont be the will be in HD!

Being a cricket fan is much simpler and more fun