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Megaman2 (Nes) review           

Posted by: Megaman2

11th of April 2009.

"Megaman is called into action once more, but will this journey leave us wanting more or will it become a distant memory?" Let's find out.

I have a lot of great memories from the early days of the NES, Megaman2 introduced me to the Nes and 'Gaming' itself. Mega Man 2 was one of the revolutionising games on the NES in the departments of sound, gamelplay and graphics. Megaman2 boasts 'one of the greatest soundtracks' in gaming, add to that it's stellar and diverse gameplay and you have a classic on your hands. Many will compare it to it's predecessor 'Megaman' rest assured Megaman2 surrpasses it in every department.



The story revolves around Dr. Willy who is set out for revenge. The Story start's off with a HUGE skyscraper. We find out about Dr. Wily's last defeat in Megaman, and learn that Dr. Wily has created eight Robot's to help capture, and destroy Megaman. These robots are : Bubbleman, Quickman, Airman, Woodman, Crashman, Flashman, Heatman and Metalman. The new robot's again have their own individual weapon's and abilities, As well as costumes. This is by far a better story then the one in Megaman.


The graphics in the game are nicely done. The colours and texture are clearly visible in this stellar presentation, and the character animate very well.


The controls are exeptional. Megaman can be controlled with ease, although there is a bit of sliding and slipping that occurs and can take some time to get used to. Everyone of the boss' weapons are unique and easy to use. Using the 'Fire Weapon' on your enemies is fun, granted it does become easy. After completing a stage you obtain a password. The password's can be used at a later period in the game to progress, it's your save game. 

Replay Value

Having played the game on many occasions, the game never gets old. The difficulty levels adds a bit of a challenge and there are many different ways of beating the game.

Nostalgia Value

Any gamer that has played 'Megaman2' in the past will tell you the nostalgia value of megaman2 is unprecedented. The intro itself will remind you of the 'Great times'. There are many great soundtracks to be found in the game, each have their own nostalgia value.


The single player campaign can take up to 4 hours to complete considering the experience and the difficulty level. I remember as a kid the 'Nes' would always stop working when I was at the last stages so make sure youre Nes is working well. That in itself was very frustrating, once completing the 'eight bosses' you will than face the tough task of facing Dr. Willy advanced robots which are sure to test even the best of gamers. 

Closing Comment

I can't recommend this game enough, if you own a Nintendo Wii you owe it to yourself to try this game out. As gamers we all have a game we look back on with fond memories that game for me is 'Megaman2'. This games defines the Nes era, and it would be a crime if you haven't experienced of the greatest games of all time.

Review score.

10 Graphics
The visuals in Megaman2 are stunning, developers really took the time on the prestantation front.
10 Sound
The surround sound effects are stunning, it contains the greatest soundtracks in gaming,
10 Gameplay
Revolutionary gameplay mechanics, gameplay that was ahead of its time.
10 Lasting Appeal
You will be playing this game 50 years from now.
(10 out of 10 )


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best review i read in VGC.

I give this game a 20/10!!!!

the one and only true 10!

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The only part I disagree with is Lasting Appeal.

I predict people will still be playing this one at least 25 years from now.

noname2200 said:
The only part I disagree with is Lasting Appeal.

I predict people will still be playing this one at least 25 years from now.

ahahah i agree


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I agree with this review. 10 out of 10 for sure.