Forums - Sony Discussion - Who here is purchasing FFVII Advent Children complete with FFXIII demo?

its a maybe for me, it really depends on whether or not the NA versions getting the demo and how much an imported version will cost if it doesn't

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Xen said:
Nah. I'll wait for an NA release of the movie. I don't know Japanese.


I'll guarantee you that the NA blu-ray won't have the ffxiii demo. Why? Because they haven't started working on the NA version yet.

It's going to be a skip for me. I'll watch the youtube videos from guys like the TC

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Oh well. Too bad then. I'll just get just the movie then, that's the item I want more. Adent Children in Blu-Ray glory... yeah baby...

I am getting it

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You lot could have learnt Japanese during your wait for the game, probably be fluent by now. I'm set though, really work out well growing up in Japan and London, know Japanese and have an english accent. :p

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North America and Asia are both region A for Blu-ray. So all Japanese blu-ray movies should run on a NA PS3.

i'll wait for my region's version , tho im buying it for the demo not the movie, i didnt like the movie i thought kadaaj or whatever his name is a joke.

I got it way awesome

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Depends, how much will it be?

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