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Anyone of you guys who read the magazines Nintendo power?

If you don't know the magazine you schould try out the angry Video Nerd screwattack 
video of it:


I had only one of those magazines because I could not find them easy when I was young but
still it is nice to see this video and get back those memories :).



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I had a free subscription for it, but I never bothered to renew it.

when i was 13 and had a N64.. i was subscribed....

I subscribe when they offer sweet bonuses, like when they were offering zelda collector's edition and what not


NOW A PUNISHER CAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That guy has the best vids on that site, you guys should watch them all.

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Haha yeah I watched them all.

All his vids give me great memories :).

And I wish I could read all those magazines.

Man, those videos would be a lot of fun if it weren't for the "Nintendo Nerd". Unlike the "action 52" video, I was able to make it through this one. But that's only because this is some his lighter more relaxed fare. Swearing is only funny if it helps to accentuate a point. zeropunctuation swears sometimes, but it's in a funny way. Just saying "THIS IS FUCKING SHIT!" is several comedic steps below knock knock jokes.

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Chrizum is the best thing to happen to the internet, Period.

Serves me right for challenging his sales predictions!

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I don't mind the swearing...his frustation makes me's the constant crap jokes...the literal ones...that get to me...starts becoming very uncomfortable and not as funny...

But overall I enjoy his videos.  I like the ScrewAttack's Videogame Vault and Top Ten videos too.

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Yeah he´s imature in a lot of ways, but then again when you listen to kinds in some chatrooms or over XBox live this guy is still ok. I like the videos mostly because I can relate to the frustration, expecially with NES games, there where so many I thought would be great or looked great in commercials but where pure trash. As a kid that was hard to cope with sometimes, now I can laugh about it. Some of those game are fun to play now only to see how bad they where and for nostalgia reasons.