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shin megami tensei series

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final fantasy i put 30-100 hours to all games.

since we have over 13 + remades.

Phantasy Star Online(on the awesome dreamcast)...
All Resident Evils, particularly 2...
Tomb Raiders 1,2,3 & Underworld...
Zelda Ocarina, Link to the past & Wind Waker...
Guild Wars...

Mass Effect will probably top the list once the whole trilogy is out, if my time on the first game is any indication...

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game series would probably be the final fantasy series just because of how long it takes to beat each game and since there are so many. most time i spent on a single game would probably be playing an mmo.




Smash Bros is a close second. Mario is third. Idk about the rest.

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Final fantasy
Street fighter
Call of duty


Easily Mario Kart.

Mario Kart Wii - ~500 hours
Mario Kart GC - ~100 hours
Mario Kart 64 - ~100 hours

I have also spent small amounts of time on Super Mario Kart and MKDS, but I don't own them so less than an hour for each.

Zelda probably follows:

Twilight Princess - 180 hours
Windwaker - ~200 hours
Ocarina of Time - ~150 hours

I generally don't buy that many games from the same series though, so it's hard for one series to excell over another.

I would guess Resident Evil I have played 180 for RE4:Wii, and maybe 100 for REmake.

F-Zero X probably 150 hours, plus 100 for F-Zero GX (and 2 hours on F-Zero from the SNES that I have on VC)

Banjo Tooie alone probably comes close to 200 hours, and Formula1 WGPII probably 250 hours on it's own too..... I doubt I have played over 200 hours on any other game series.

CoD easily...
I have like 800 hours on CoD4 alone. WaW was like 200 hours until i swapped it. This + all the other CoD games ive played either online or off... EASILY above 1500 hours worth of gaming.

Second place would have to go to Final Fantasy, about 3 playthroughs of FF7... one what went over 100 hours + 2 others around 60-80 hours each.
FF6 had one playthrough as did 9,10 + 10-2.

Guld Wars :P

Mario Kart easily, in the SNES, the N64 and the GC

the second is probably Civ, or SimCity, I really don't know...

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