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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Why the PlayStation brand name is the strongest brand name in video games

mesoteto said:

completely off topic but when i googled PlayStation mascot this is what i got



you be the judge who is stronger of the two for getting people

freaking jack black look alike lol, and that nintendo pic is what im talking about.. does she come with the systems? lol

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Garnett said:
Tell me could the Wii sell the same amount of units as they Trey did at $600 Nope, Could the Wii sell the same numbers as the PS3 was doing at a $400 price tag, nope. PS3 lowered the Price, the Wii followed, they know PS is a bigger brand name and if they didnt they were going to be left in the dust.

what???? what has that got to do with anything, Nintendo dropped the price because its he right thing to do.. its been 3 years with no pricecut.. and with no pricecut of the wii it bairly had a dent after the ps3 price cut it was still at 180k.. the 360 dropped the price and it never went no where, god the wii's pricecut was only 50 bucks its not that much it and it scored 200k consumers

I have no idea why he felt the need to bump this thread but this thread is dead and it's going to stay dead.