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Wii, DS, 360.

a ps3 and a wii

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had a ps1, ps2 and now ps3.

Wii and DS

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They will know Helgan belongs to Helghasts

wii and ps3, planning to get a 360 as well.


ps3 & wii


 assumption is the mother of all f**k ups 

I didn't own a previous gen console, but I own a PS3 now.

Considering many if not most GameCube and XBox owners also owned a PS2 at some point, it may be more interesting to know which PS2-only console owners bought which system. (My guess would be mostly the PS3 as an upgrade path and the Wii for many casuals)

And to know which consoles they intend to purshase in the future (for whatever reason, like entry pricing or release of a highly anticipated sequel).

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PS3 vs 360 sales

I have a PS3 which I bought, and got a free Wii.