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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I just got the weirdest PM from what I assume is a PS3-fanboy...

So okay, there's this guy named ravenx on this site and I really have no idea who he is. I might've argued with him in some thread or something - I don't remember. Anyway, out of the blue, I get this PM from the guy, with the title "if this doesnt change ur opinion"... Well, I'm mostly just wondering if anyone else got this message... So, like, is it viral marketing or have I, personally, been targeted for some strange reason? If I was personally targeted, I'm actually kind of flattered to get such effort put into a PM all on my behalf.

Anyway, the following is the PM I got:


1.-(MGS4 Game Spot/ign 10, press average 9.3 awards Game Of The Year 2008 game spot's peoples choice Gamespot,ign,1up),VIDEOREVIEW

2.-(little big planet 9.6 ign, press 9.4, 8 dice awards including Overall Game Of The Year),VIDEO REVIEW

3.-(Uncharted 9.1 ign,press average 9.0,ign 2007action/adve game),VIDEO REVIEW

4.-(valkiria chronicles ign 9.0,press average 8.7),VIDEO REVIEW

5.-(resistance 2 ign 9.5,press average 8.7,nominee best of 2008 games) VIDEO REVIEW

6.-(wipeout hd ign 9.0, 8.9 press average),REVIEW, gameplay video

7.(warhawk ign 8.8, 8.4 press ),VIDEO REVIEW

8.-(crash commando ign 8.5, press 7.9),REVIEW

9.-(killzone 2 ign 9.4, press 9.1) VIDEO REVIEW

10.-(MLB 09 THE SHOW gamespot 9.0, press 9.0)REVIEW

11.-(flower ign 9.0 , press average 8.6) REVIEW

12.-heavenly sword (gamespot 8.0, press average 8.1) VIDEO REVIEW

13.-(ratchet clank tools of destr, 9.4 ign,press 8.9) REVIEW

14.-(hot shot golf out of bounds 8.9 ign. press 8.2) VIDEO REVIEW

15.-(Resistance fall of man,9.1 ign,press 8.7) VIDEO REVIEW

16.-(GT5 prologue"THIS AINT GT5",8.5 ign, press 8.0) VIDEO REVIEW

17and 18.-(motorstorm 8.9 ign,press 8.4)(motorstorm pacific rift 8.3 ign,press 8.2) (VIDEO REVIEW Motorstorm) (VIDEO REVIEW Motorstorm pacific rift)

19.-(UPDATED THANKS TO U)folklore ign 9.0, press 7.5 VIDEO REVIEW

20.-(UPDATED THANKS 2 U)Naruto Ultimate ninja Storm ign 8.4, 7.7 press average, VIDEO REVIEWAWESOME LOOKING GAME

21.-(Updated thanks 2 u) Siren blood course ign 8.4, press 7.5 REVIEW

22.-Soldner-X ign 8.0, press7.0 review gameplay videogreat music, good hard game

23.-Stardust HD ign 8.7, press 8.7, REVIEWgameplay

24.-pixel junk monster 8.5 ign,press 8.4, REVIEWgameplay

25.-pixel junk eden 8.4 ign,press 8.0 REVIEWgameplay

26.-every day shooter 7.9 ign, press 8.0 REVIEW GAMEPLAY

27.-Buzz tv quiz, ign 8.9,press 8.1, REVIEW gameplayGREAT FAMILY GAME

28.-singstar ign 8.5,press 8.4 VIDEO REVIEW

29.-Disgaea 3, gamespot 7.5, PRESS 8.1

30.-luminees supernova 8.0 gamespot,8.1 PRESS. REVIEW

31.-Ratchet and clank quest for booty 7.5 gamespot, 7.8 press rating

32.-echchrome gamespot 8.0,press 8.2 REVIEW


forgot any??, well this is to date because only in 2009 there seems to be a horde of hot looking exclusive games, lets see if they deliver my money is on , Heavy rain,uncharted 2,Infamous,demon's souls (they said it was too dificult love dificult games),GT5(when released) GOD OF WAR 3(When released)

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Think back to any threads where you may have said something negative about ps3 review scores/games.

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I never got such a PM. Is this viral marketing by yourself perhaps?

Anyway, the PS3 library is pretty good nowadays. Not sure if it's reached the level of the X360 yet though.

haha good old fasion fanboys!

lol, that's kinda funny.

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Sony is finally marketing, I guess.

^lol haha yeah let their new strategy to beat the economy is to have theirfanboys advertize their console. Its free and its more interesting then the stuff sony has advertized so far

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That's one hell of a list

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Fanboys these days remind me of people trying to sell me a timeshare. They lure you in with the free cookies...then it's hell from there on

Fanboys can be so extreme. I have a PS3 and I only own 2 games off that list (WipeOut HD and LBP). One can list a billion games, the only thing that matters is what's appealing to the individual.

Edit: Oh! I see, he's comparing IGN scores to the presses average. Bah... What does it matter. I only read reviews after I've played a game to see if the score matches my opinion.