Forums - Sales Discussion - Killzone 2 Sells 725K in its First week WW (just short of COD5) - thoughts?

Killzone 2 sales for its first week according to vg chartz are 725,919!

almost 726K

about 10K short of COD 5 unfortunately!

so is it good that killzone 2 almost outsold the sequel to  COD4 (which was released in the holidays) which sold more than Killzone 1?

UNFORTUNATELY as its released in the non-holiday season legs won't be there


4th best opening week for a PS3 game



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Good debut imo predicted 650k.


Doesnt matter, there will be profit in this game = what Sony needs.


we don't know that yet

the game cost a lot

there will be profit

but nowhere near the amount SONY has amassed from LBP



4th best opening week for a PS3 game!!

All hail the KING, Andrespetmonkey

Well, Killzone 2 been only available since friday, when COD 5, was from Tuesday. So, it's 3 days difference.

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@ darth

What makes you certain there won't be legs? And it selling 725,000 just 10k short of COD: WaW, especially when NOT in a holiday is great if you ask me. My prediction was 700,000, and it still beat that. For that, the game has done well IMO.


I think the opening for this game is pretty impressive given the known failure of the previous game to be anything other than mediocre and this game is down right amazing!

Here's hoping that this game is a million seller come next week as it deserves every single sale!


oh the 1st week sales have SHOCKED me dead

they are really good....I predicted 500K

BUT we are now entering a slow period of the will legs form?


that may account for a difference


anyone tell me


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@ Squall

Yes sirrrrrrr.....


One day of sale in America + three days in Europe ?

725k ain't too shabby IMO.