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Poor William. Yesterday, he wished to stoke the flames of the console war by claiming that King of Fighters XII would not be appearing on the Xbox 360. Thankfully, he was wrong.

Today, Ignition Entertainment issued a press release claiming that King of Fighters XII would be released on both the PS3 and
Xbox 360 in July. If you want to check out some footage of KoF12 in action, check it out here. Copies of King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match for the PS2 also contain footage and information on the new game.

Be sure to stay tuned to
Blend Games for more news on KoF XII and other games.


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zomg, yes! Day one, etc.

I wonder when KOF '98 Ultimate Match is supposed to hit XBLA.

? what the hell is blend games? ill wait for ign or gametrailers to post this story

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this is indeed an amazing piece of news.

KOF12 is a bigger system seller than Killzone 2 (to me) I would have surely bought a PS3 if it was an exclusive.