Forums - Gaming Discussion - Dan Landis ponders if Killzone 2 will be "most returned game".

What is more amazing is that Gamestop has 26 already used copies of a game for sale a day before the street's release date. And noone complains......
I'm pretty sure the day digital distribution finally picks up and publishers can finally tell Gamestop ' screw you' the people in charge of communication with Gamestop at every publisher will have a fun phone call...

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I would think the point of displays is to promote the title to people who aren't following the game news and aren't aware of said title being made/released. After all people who follow the industry closely are already aware and hyped for both HW and KZ2.

Therefore, if it was my store I'd stick more Halo Wars displays out because everyone with a glancing knowledge of games knows Halo and it'll bring people it. Only Sony fanboys know what a Killzone is so it won't bring in additional foot traffic.


There is a great variety in Gamestops. It depends on the employees and the district/regional managers' emphasis. It can also depend upon how much money the chain has received for promotion from gaming companies.

If I am reading these articles about this game and its return, had the buyer (Derek) elected to wait a week, he would have gotten a replacement for free.

Also, Gamestop makes its profits by buying and selling used games. So it should surprise no one that it would offer to buy the game back immediately in lieu of waiting to return it.

What is surprising though is that a cash return was not offered. I can't remember chain policy on that. After all, you can't always look at something and know if it works.


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