Forums - Sales Discussion - How many of you Wii,360 fans/owners is planning on getting KillZone2?

im going to get it but im not sure if it will play in my xbox 360

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No, it looks nice but it is not worth it. Heck I have not even purchased all of the large FPS games on the 360 yet.

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PS3 needs to go down in price for me to get one. It has enough good games but too dear.

I'm interested in the game//I actually liked the original on the PS2//simply put I haven't pre-ordered the game yet//let alone played the demo that was presented yet//so to be honest I wouldn't know if this game is for me or isn't//But I sure will buy it//if not on launch I will get it though.

Not really interested >_>

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No, none of the games on the PS3 appeal to me. N-O-N-E. The only ones that I'm are interested are from the PS2 era, and I would LIKE to get a PS3 with B/C so I could play those games I missed last generation. Then again, due to Sony's arrogance, I'm not getting a PS3 until they bring B/C back and it's at a cheaper price. Besides, I would only get a PS3 for RPGs and watching Blu-Ray movies on my HDTV (I already got a new laptop with a Blu-Ray drive and Nvidia PureVideo HD with Nvidia GeForce 9600M GT).

To me, Killzone 2 is just another generic shooter. Sure it has good graphics and whatnot, but that doesn't appeal to me. I don't find 'graphic' (violent) games all that appealing. Besides, I hate senseless violence because there's enough of it in our day and age.

$400 + $60 + Tax = No.

Not interested. The only PS3 game that appeals to me is Gran Turismo 5. But one game is not enough to warrant the purchase of the console.

I own only a 360, and KZ2 just doesn't differentiate itself enough from the myriads of other shooters available to me to make me want to get it.

I will still probably be able to play it if I want to as my roommate has a PS3, but even if he did not it would not be enough for me to get one.

I have a PS3Wii and I'm NOT getting this. I don't like shooters, Why should I bother to get this?