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non-gravity said:
VGChartz clan and Rabid Death Dealers clan will be merging into a new clan.

It'll be called VGChartz Death Dealers and the acronym will be [vgcx]

non-gravity shall be the new clan's leader.

What this practically means is that we'll get 5/6 extra members to play with. And combining both clan's valour we could be the #10 clan in the world.

I've sent most guys an invite already to the new clan already.

Wow that is a great idea! hopefully we will have more frequent and bigger clan matches from this move.


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shanbcn said:
Pristine20 said:
Death4uall2 said:
Location Fl Usa
Part of Vgz Charts Death Dealers

Thanks for using your PSN ID, many people have such differences that it's hard to tell lol.

Who's simulacrum (PSN ID-wise)?



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rape timeee gx.x

thats awesome death made an account i hope most of the death dealers will make an account i think its a good tradition to post before a game or after games

Wow, I've come back from vacation to quite a few changes I see.

Gravity send me an invite so we can murder some ho's.  Now that summer is winding down I'm hoping to have more free time in the evenings.  2 of the new guys are NA players, so we have enough to actually get some decent matches going in my evenings now.

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I'll be interested in some games too ^^

I thought the clan was dead until i saw it on the front page the other day which then caused me to post the "whats up" post above.

Check out my game about moles ^

Everyone has an invite to the new clan already, but make sure to leave the old clan first.

when does valor merge happen?

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Once we get to 50 wins.

How did we lost 4-5 matches on friday while winning just 1?