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Non-gravity, I'm all about being a strong leader and whatnot (hence why you're now the leader instead of myself), but there's no reason to be attacking ever single person that wants to join.

Try to be a bit nicer, man.

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I'll try to choose my words a bit better, but the policy remains the same. Now I could let everyone in, but if I'm not going to help them get into clan matches I see no point of them joining. Unless they're just looking for a friend to play with.

Well yeah. Just do what I used to do. Let them play with us as a non-clan member for awhile, and see how they do.

Even if they don't post that much it doesn't mean they won't be a worthwhile addition to the clan. Look at guys like Epoch, who post almost exclusively in this thread. Before the clan, they had almost no posts whatsoever.

Anywho, my point is that you should take more of a "prove yourself to us" attitude rather than a "we don't want you" attitude. Keep the requirements high, but at least let them try.

You remind me of the music department at LSU, that wouldn't let me in simply because I was wearing a Metallica t-shirt. I transferred to UNO, and ended up getting some of the highest grades in my music courses. At LSU, I was never even given a chance.

^^ This.
I am also of the view that we should give importance to how regular a player is in addition to skill.
If I have a guy who appears regularly in clan matches then he is a huge help regardless of how good he actually plays. We all know that eventually everyone will improve and even if a player is not outstanding, if he works well in a team and is mostly there to help out the clan, when needed, it makes up a lot.


It is better to die on one's feet

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You win. You're both officers so go ahead and accept them.

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But we also can't allow people with 1 post to join our clan right away. We already had a bad experience with some one who didn't even had a account here.

@NG no I was just voicing an opinion. I agree with you in principle that it is essential to take people in timezones that match ours. Also skill is important. I was kind of giving my two-cents about the sort of criteria to arrive at.

@Shan I agree totally about your point.


It is better to die on one's feet

then live on one's knees

non-gravity said:
You win. You're both officers so go ahead and accept them.

Nobody ever said to accept him into the clan.  :P

"Let them play with us as a non-clan member for awhile,"

I'm just saying we should see what he's like before writing him off.  Invite him to a random game we're in, see if he's any good.

Now we're talking. Still you're asking me to invest time in him and I'm a very busy man as you know :p.

My only posts are here, Sw1tch was the one who told me to join the clan. Ive said before I tried starting my own lol That was a no go. So jumped into yours, Ive so far been having a much better time with the clan, instead of playin myself. In my view as long as One is respectful of the others and intentions are for the best of then clan, than we at least owe them a chance to try. I also know That stupid B/s can happen within a clan, My old clan failed and disbanded back in warhawk days..... very sad :(

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