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i thoroughly enjoyed the entire series. even that really odd pc game. hope the last book comes soon....

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I really enjoyed the series too. But if they make games of the later books, expect a lot of the subplots to be cut.

Looking forward to these, any news on whether they'll be on the Wii?

If you've not noticed much of licensing work for books comes after the author is might have something to do with the quality that results....but who knows maybe this one time we will get something worth a damn....

I'm not holding my breath =p

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Anyone ever hear of Red Eagle Games before? Do they have any previous games or proven staff? Right not I have very low expectations for this, very low. The only thing that gives me hope is that EA felt they were good enough to partner with so it can't be complete crap.

At any rate I hope the game has more action than half of the books.


^^^ MY concerns were along the same lines...who the heck is this outfit, doing the game?

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i have the old WOT game made by legend published by gt interactive,it was pretty good for the time,with the new game or games will they include the last book ,witch if i remember jordon had written the beginning and the end,but not the middle and is wife has got another author to finish it up or will EA spend most of the game telling youtwo or three times every hour the difference between an angreal an a te angreal etc etc then move on to talk about what what people are wearing down to the smallest detail,then having alll the women behave like spoiled children while the men say yes dear

dawve24 said:
I admit the books in the middle started to lose there way, but think the last 2 put the series back on track.

Yeah the last book was a step up in the series again...



And then he goes on and die by some damn rare blood disease before finishing the last book, but I heard another author will take up the job ,hopefully Jordan already finished the ending and left alot of notes and tapes on how he wanted it to finish.


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