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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Guitar Hero WT vs. Rock Band 2 drum sets - which is better?

Hi all I am in need of help.

I have been eyeing the GHWT full band bundle on Amazon at $139. My delema is I perfer the RockBand game. I was thinking of buying GHWT bundle and the RB2 stand alone game. I know GH has the better guitar, but I haven't tried the drum set.

For those of you who have played the drum set for GHWT how is it?

For those of you who have played both drum sets which do you prefer and why?

For those of you who have played the GHWT drum set with RB, do you like the set up? Why or why not?


I want to thank you all ahead of time for your help.

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I have the RB2 drum kit with the triple cymbal expansion pack and I've played on the GH drums. I prefer the RB drums, especially since the cymbals became available. The cymbals are extra for RB but I found it to be well worth it. The RB2 drums are much more durable than the RB1 drums but I really can't say how durable the GH drum are. The cymbals for RB2 however do not work with GH (pads only). I don't know if the GH cymbals work with the RB disc.

As far as the guitar, try playing both (if you haven't already). I actually prefer the RB guitar over the GH one.

Regardless which equipment you get, both games are worth having.

I prefer the GHWT Guitar and drums over the RB1 & RB2 ones. But I think both RB2 & GHWT drums are high quality, it's really just a personal preference thing.

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anyone else?

Something that might help you choose if you are getting for Wii. RB drums nor Guitar will play GH for Wii, but GH Wii instruments will play RB2 (not 1) and the upcoming Beatles game. If you are getting for another system, I think they both play both games.

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I have played both, while I have been looking into getting the cymbal expansion for my RB2 drums, I still like they way they feel over the GH drums, and adding the cymbal kit will make it even better I'm sure. But the GH drums are still nice though. I say stick with the RB2 drums and get the cymbal kit.

I've played the drums on GHWT, and broken one set. I played them pretty hard, to be fair, but they did break after four days. What's weird is that they look really solid, but they feel kind of 'shaky' when you play them. It's probably me- i've been really careful with my new, second set, but I can't help feeling that even they arent 100% - it's the cymbals. They are a really nice plus over the RB drums, but they miss notes at random which ruins note streaks.

I may have just had a really unlucky experience though.

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I prefer the Rock Band 2 drum set.  I went through 3 sets for the first Rock Band but so far I'm still on my first set for Rock Band 2.  I have the cymbals but I hardly use them.