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Considering the issues with the 360, I personally would look to wait at least a year, before considering buying any future console from Microsoft.  I would want to make sure anything RROD-like would not pop up.

Would anyone here buy Microsoft's next console at launch?  Or would you wait until you heard the hardware was reliable?  In the case of Nintendo, I would feel more confident about a launch purchase, but not Microsoft.  Anyone else?

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Depends what it launches with. Halo 4 > RROD after a week.

I would, but Halo 4 must be a launch title !

EDIT: LOL @ disolitude

Depends on the games, as always.

I will.

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yep... I'm in there day 1.

I'm not really here!

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The only console I have bought at Launch was the Gamecube and I am going to keep it that way. I figure after the Next-Box is launched there will be plenty of games that I am still need to play on the 360 to keep me busy for at least a year. Also that way I can be sure if the Next-Box is what I want or the PS4/PS3. Only time will tell.

Barozi said:

I would, but Halo 4 must be a launch title !

EDIT: LOL @ disolitude


 Haha. Boy I sure hope Robbie Bach or Aaron Greenberg are reading this blog.

well i'm of 2 minds: like WiiBox3, maybe like a year or so down the line, purely because i'd still have games to finish on the 360. On the other hand as disolitude mentioned it depends on what it launched with.

The next console will not have any kind of RROD, I know people will say "well if it happened once" but Microsoft would not let it happen again .... I think most people agree Microsoft will test the next console to make sure it goes out the gate reliable.

So yes I will buy the next console around launch depending on what games come out for it.