Forums - Gaming Discussion - Halo 3: ODST, The Counduit or Killzone 2?

That too The_bloodwalker. No game on the market gives you that control. If done right it could even be better then a mouse and keyboard, in some respects.

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Unless the use a new graphics engine for the Halo title, I would put KZ2 head of Halo. As far as the other title, the Conduwhat?

The Conduit because i have a 50 dollar GameStop gift card that I'm saving for it. Day 1 baby.

killzone 2

No doubt Killzone 2

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i'm not a big fps fan, but i've really been getting into cod:waw for the 360.

i think i've heard the most hype for killzone2, so that's the one i'd get.

The Conduit. I have no idea what this new Halo game will be, so Killzone 2 would be next.


To lavish praise upon this title, the assumption of a common plateau between player and game must be made.  I won't open my unworthy mouth.

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Halo: ODST followed closely by Killzone 2. Wiimote controls just aren't that important to me so the conduit hasn't shown me anything interesting.

Wii mote plus FPS? Well duh of course The Conduit!

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Killzone 2 by far. I'm surprised by The Conduit love.