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I was a little disappointed. There aren't as many weapons and outfits as I would have liked. Plus the game was a little easy, I never died a single time. But there's just so much to see and do, it really is a great game.

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I've just knocked out 20 hours worth of this game...and got almost 80% of the I doubt you need me to tell you what I thought about it..

I think Fable 2 > Fable. Easily.

I think it's because I played the PC version and it was really clean and awesome. If I had played the xbox version maybe my tale would be different, so I'll give it that. I thought fable 2 was a good enough game, but I had much higher expectations of it. It was supposed to be a title that really made me wish I had an xbox :/

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I was really underwelmed. I found the story really boring, the extra stuff to do in the world lame and basic go here wack enemy walk back to guy giving reward.

And with the travel system it makes you not even want to walk anywhere and just teleport everywhere cause don't care. If you die no consequence you wake up same spot during battle with FULL HEALTH and continue. You get some scar but who cares.

You can turn on the yellow thing if don't feel like searching town for someone or mission place. Those little helpers are easily skipped and don't have to do them, which I dind't for most the game, but then because the game was boring for me most part just turned them on and rushed through the game.

And DIDN'T even finish the game, got sick of it and returned it a couple days early. (was renting it) So maybe as someone said was an awesome ending, but if the game wasn't even good enough to make it there, then who cares.

Oh and I loved Fable 1. Sure it was short, but I played through it a couple times. I also hated how this Fable had no bows and arrows. I hate games that have guns in them. I never use them, so i was using crossbow if ever. But mostly magic and sword.

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I didn't like Fable 2 at all. I bought it release day, played it for about 5 hours, got so bored out of my mind and turned off by the graphics of it that I sold it without finishing it. It just wasn't my type of game at all I guess.

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GOD I missed the bows :( I missed the awesome abilities that fable had. I guess I really just miss the pizzaz and energy that the first game had :/

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fable 2 is the first RPG I really enjoyed since the SNES days. I remember losing my love for RPG's while playing FF VII. I don't remember why.

ChronotriggerJM said:

GOD I missed the bows :( I missed the awesome abilities that fable had. I guess I really just miss the pizzaz and energy that the first game had :/


yea it seemed that the first game had way cooler weapons and clothing.  I mean I had already some legendary katana which was pretty cool in Fable 2, but seemed like I got it pretty early and wasn't amazing and then had nothing else to look forward too really.


After like 4 hours in the game went online to see if the game had Bows at all and after seeing NO, boy was I pissed.  I don't recall the spells too much in Fable 1, but didn't the lightning used to arc from one enemy to another and so on?  Or was that Kotor games.  But I didn't like way lightning was, big lightning blasts from teh sky, unless targeting one person.  I like shooting bolts from my hands and having the just hit vs some sort of lightning summoning. 


And man did the outfits suck, or weren't cool looking at all.  Also found the food purity/fat/ect stats to be dumb.

i dunno, never got the chance to try it out coz my 2nd x360 f'n rodded