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Geometry Wars

I love Brain Age 2

Pixel Art can be fun.

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Brain Age 1 8)


I really love Blue Dragon

Lost oddyessy

I loved gears 1 and 2

Resident Evil 4

I love Earth Defense Force 2017.

Bullet Witch

I liked FinalFantasy VIII

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I love Tales of Symphonia

Tales of Vesperia

I love God Hand

No More Heroes

I love Loco Roco.


I loved Zelda WW

"Kinect" Games I am really excited about (Click for videos)

               Kinectimals        Dance Central      Kinect-Sports   Kinect-Adventures    Your Shape       Kinect-Forza

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me too

Zack & Wiki: Quest For Barbaros' Treasure

I loved Majora's Mask