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SickleSigh said:

Diablo 2. Hundreds of hours spent doing the same thing.


 yes yes yes and yes

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terislb said:
SickleSigh said:

Diablo 2. Hundreds of hours spent doing the same thing.


 yes yes yes and yes

no no and no try ladderslasher addicting but kinda crappy...


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the worst by far I've played was Wii boxing and I was hooked on it for a bit, you see at 1st I thought it was a challenge, but then realised that no matter how hard I tried the boxing mechanics were not working, I figured it was simply skill level, so I kept practicing but to no avail, came to relise that the controls were fucked, laggy as shit, I could punch twice and the controls would only register 1 punch......but hey it was a lunch game right.

All the Koei games: Dynasty Warriors, Kessen II, Warriors Orochi;...For a lot of people/reviewers those games are crap but considering I love the legends/history behind those games and the leveling ups of those awesome characters I have spend more than 1000 hours in those games.

DaveD said:
bardicverse said:
Friday the 13th on the NES. Like a trainwreck you couldn't help but stare at.


I just started humming the AVGN theme, thanks.


LOL you're welcome

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While they're not really crappy... I played some of the Windows games way too much. I played FreeCell the most to the point that I rarely lose a game. Played Minesweeper a lot too but Expert is too frustrating because you always have to guess some parts of it.

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I'm not sure if it's in the spirit of the OP, but Saints Row 2 is a technical disaster that I love anyway.

Also, I used to buy all the "romance of the three kingdom" games even though they were basically the same thing year after year.

Rhythm Tengoku... mindless rhythm mini-games, which drive me to highest level of addiction. You may call it a "crap", but this's surprisingly brilliant game... production value is pretty low even for handheld game though.

terislb said:
elder scrolls oblivion
secret of evermore

Wtf is this shit about Secret of Evermore being bad?! The game rules!


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A game called Get the Bunny( youre a hick farmer whos shooting bunnies running around )I played it so much my parents had to stage an intervention.
Another one is the crappiest JRPG i have ever played and one of the few i have completed, called Ninja Brothers(brothers as in siblings, and not ninjas of African origin), which was on the NES

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