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So you played through Chrono Cross, hoping it would match up to one of the best games ever made?
Its in no way garbage, one of the better JRPGs for PS1 in my opinion.

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@SuperDave, Oblivion only had 2 different missions, courier boy and seek'n destroy. So boring after not much time.

@bringbackchrono, I could never come to finishing Chrono Cross, I could never finish it. I never really got into any PS1 games, but Suikoden is far superior to CC.

SHMUPGurus said:
^ Oh, well in that case, I'll add MapleStory to my list!


I don't even want to think about how long I've played that.  I'm guessing somewhere around 800 hours.

I Just remembered Spy Vs. Spay wasn't the worst that I sinked a ton of time into. That place would either be taken by Double Dare for the Commodore 64 or Star Fox Adventure. Both pieces of trash but I couldn't stop playing them.

Call of Duty 4, is the worst game i was ever hooked to.

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Sonic heroes, and shadow the hedgehog I haven't though of buying another 3-D sonic game since then. only good 3-D sonic I've played is "Sonic Adventure Battle 2"



I can't remember the amount of times I rented The Tick and Bubsy during my Genesis career. Looking back on it now... ugh.

And I actually convinced myself to play and finish DBZ: The Legacy of Goku. Truly a horrible game, but I was a DBZ fan with a Game Boy Advance. I didn't have a choice in the matter.

Oh, and Star Wars: Bounty Hunter was such a mediocre game with a frustrating aiming system... but it was so cool to be Jengo Fett. I mean, it was like... 4 popped collars cool.


Edit: I might go with Karate Kid instead of Ferster's Quest, but Rambo still tops them all.

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Castlevania Curse of darkness ( Ps2 )... at least, I have finished it 5 times.
Ogre Battle ( Ps1 )... 10000 hours of game play

Playcito said:

Ogre Battle ( Ps1 )... 10000 hours of game play


This means you've been playing OB full-time for 3.42 years.


10,000/8 = 1250 days

1250/365 = 3.4248 years