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For me, for some reason I wasted like 100 hours on the game gladius... I really dont know why... Terrible balance, bad graphics, repitive, lame story... for some reason I just kept playing... I will never understand what possessed me...

here is the game page...  it appear maybe 1 person liked it...

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yahoo spades

Yars' Revenge back in the day. It's funny too cause I used to go play at my boy's house and he'd be all pissed off cause he hated that game, always talking shit about it. It was shitty tho.

Some Yu-Gi-Oh game on PS2. I've never even watched the show and it was my little brothers game, but I found myself spending at least 50 hours on it for reasons I can't comprehend >_>

Doom 3.

The part of me that loved Doom 1 and 2 made me keep playing. It was horrible.

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Dynasty Warriors 4.

Spent hundreds of hours on it.

(But still secretly love it)

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i finished quest 64 twice

Bubsy the Bobcat. I'm glad Accolade isn't around anymore.


Off the top of my head, Dynasty Warriors games.

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The Ghost of RubangB said:
Doom 3.

The part of me that loved Doom 1 and 2 made me keep playing. It was horrible.

Oh god, I was in that same boat.


Also, Armored Core. The entire sereies, in fact, up until this gen when I just stopped caring/didn't have the time for it. Its not bad... just not worth the time I put into it.