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By the end of january the PS3 according to Vgchartz will surpass 20 million in sales. Now when you are losing a battle you might as well be losing and still selling 20 million consoles. Combine this witht he money they make from PSP and sony isnt doing too bad. Thoughts?

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It's because Sony was a giant the last two gens in a row and now they are in 3rd place. Nobody thought after the beast that is PS2, that Sony would go and screw themselves with bad business decisions with what could've been their most successful console to date: PS3. Now sure PS3 will have memorable games and such, it's just that Sony needs to pick themselves up after this gen's beating they recieve and waste no time using a page from their PS1/PS2 play book and make a Playstation comeback with PS4. To me, Sony's been real slack with the PS3 and are paying DEARLY for it. Comeback time needs to begin right away, and PS4 can still be that for them.


I have got 3 reasons why this is bad:

  1. Wii will be at 47 million
  2. Xbox369 will bet at 28.5 million
  3. Sony is losing tons of money


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The competition of the Wii which launched a week later than the PS3 has destroyed the Sony box in the marketplace.

Licking wounds the Sony team claim they never wanted to beat Wii and its irrelevant.

Now the Xbox 360 has floored them with a price cut that makes the PS3 sticker price even more eye watering.

I guess 20 million units sold isnt bad considering everything that has gone wrong for Sony but it certainly isnt anything to crow about.

There are two reasons why it's bad:

a) Sony used to have 70% marketshare with PS2, the PS3 has around 20%.

b) SCE loses a lot of money on the PS3 and will probably have its 3rd negative financial year in a row. This will hurt everything from game development to R&D for the next Playstation. As you say the PS2 and PSP should make quite some money, so the PS3 evaporates the profits from these consoles. At this moment it already made more loss than the combined profits of the PS2. I hope everyone can see that this is a bad thing.

20 million isn't bad perse, Gamecube made money in fact, but I don't think anyone expected it to be this low.

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"Combine this witht he money they make from PSP and sony isnt doing too bad."

The PS3 isn't profitable yet. So those 20 million are sold at a loss.

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With the american launches aligned, the PS3 is almost a million behind the Xbox, and just barely beating the Gamecube.

The PS3's only saving grace is europe - If it wasn't for the Europeans, the PS3 would be dead in the water

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But everyone else has sold more, thats the problem

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To keep things in perspective, the PS3 is ahead of the 360 in WW numbers since this time last year. Yes. Repeating the same above crapola about the PS3 is a bit redundant now.

its bad for sony financially and in terms of marketshare, its good for them in terms of 3rd party support