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It's selling because it appeals to casuals much more than any console before it, PS2 kinda did with Singstar, Eye Toy and Buzz, Wii took it to a new level, expect to see Wii mote devices for PS3 and 360 in the near future as well as Wii Play and Wii Sports like games for those machines.

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Aren't we on a sales site? I think you have your answer!

Maybe you should be asking why other fanboys always bring up the Wii games.

Well there was never really any good purpose to this thread in the first place. Seeing as how the responses have sucked, I'm locking this. Now I know how much you all loving trolling and stupid threads, which is why I'm sure I'll see complaints for locking this. Well, tough luck. Stop complaining to me if you don't want tough modding.