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Some people probably already know this but I found out that many didn't know these game:


o saucy! Japanese developers Idea Factory and RED bring us Record of Agarest War. It may look like a strategy RPG (it is), but there's so much more. You can breed! And breeding means doing it — and what does that mean? Probably not that much. Anyway, the game has a "Soul Breed" system in which players must capture the heart of the game's heroines so that they can create their successor. When this happens, there is a "special" movie that's show, and afterwards the new successor is revealed. His stats are even based on the heroine you select for breeding. Hooray for in-game DNA!









 For people who are interested in the game the releasedate (Japan)
27 september




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I think this game deserves a 'bow chicka wow wow'

Bow Chika WOW WOW indeed!.
ahahaha id buy that! =D

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This is kinda dumb, but its a new concept.

This is called Record of Agarest War fyi.

So hentai strategy, what a concept.

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outlawauron said:

This is called Record of Agarest War fyi.

 Oh yeah forgot to mention the name X_X.

An RPG mixed with Sim Dating can be a succes over there.

OMG Hit confirmed! :))
Hey, as soon as I get a PS3, I buy that. Thank god the PS3 has no region lock, as this will never get out of Japan.
H or dating games never interested me, but here it's a T-RPG, so I think I'll love it.
Agarest Senki, that makes my 3 games for PS3 once Shiro kishi is released.
Now need an EU price drop ...

I'm definitely getting this when it comes onto the PC. As all hentai games do.

This is hardly the first game on PlayStation that have this kind of mechanics, although I am not sure the movie thing, but just off the top of my mind, "Ore no Shikabane o Koete Yuke" also had a breeding mechanic. (The gist of the game was that your family have been cursed by some kind of oni/demon that accelerate your life to 50x [so 2 year lifespan, at the very most], and you need to produce next generation while go in dungeons and defeat demons to rescue the celestial deities, and you earn points that you spent toward "breeding" with said celestial deities.

After reading the website carefully, it seems to be just a generation thing, where you start at first generatin and can choose who you marry out of a select group of heroine and that determines how the storyline continues. According to what I read, isn't there something similar to this in Phantasy Star as well?

BTW, are you sure this is "H"? It's not a usual good sign if a console actually allows "H" games in Japan, and I think you are misinterpreting some parts of the game. [In other words, show me proof]

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