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I know i'm probably preaching to def ears but the Wii Car is racing right now as we speak in the Nascar Nextel Cup on ESPN.  I had seen pictures of it on Nintendos site but seeing it race it looks awesome.  It's a great looking car the paint job is awesome.  Everyone should check it out =P even if you don't like NASCAR just to see it in action.  Right now its on or around lap 11 of 90 with the caution flag out.  So there will be plenty of time to see it.  Let's hope he places well so Nintendo will decide to sponsor it in more races.

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Hopefully it's not underpowered.. Ha ha sorry I couldn't resist.

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hahah it sure seems like it is running where he is right now, but i think looking at the big picture having a video game car is an awesome idea and more teams should try to get sponsorships because if an energy drink can snag a big sponsorship why not video games. =D

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Do you think that he's behind because he's having a hard time with the wii-mote tilt vs. a steering wheel? I know it takes a while to get used to. j/k

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How many races is Nintendo going to sponsor it? Since it's not about the success of the car (does still help a lot), but the impact on sales. Basically you don't need to even finish ever, if the car gets a lot of visibility by being where the action is in the track.

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He has one more race in the Nintendo car at Dover next month. He will probably end up placing top 20 as he usually does, and i've spotted it acouple more times.

@kn i think he got penalized for not having his wrist strap on. =D

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Greg Biffle just finished 10th place in the race, way ahead of my expectations. Def a good sign for the sponsorship. I'm happy as long as jeff gordon didn't win. Tony stewart pulled out the win.

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Since when does Greg Biffle not suck? I always thought he was the new Kyle Petty.

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