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Forums - Sales Discussion - Top 20 best selling games in 2008 (with multiplats)

Self-explanatiory. Best selling titles in 2008 (so far). I'm fairly certain most of you will be surprised by the 1st place...

The highest selling (if multiplay) is listed to the left. Lowest selling to the right.


(0. Wii Sports - 24.15M)

1. Mario Kart Wii - 14.12M

2. Wii Fit - 13.57M

3. Grand Theft Auto (X360 + Ps3) - 12.01M

4. Wii Play - 11.22M 

5. Super Smash Bros. Brawl - 8.51M

6. Mario & Sonic at the Olympics (DS + Wii) - 7.87M

7. CoD:WaW (X360 + Ps3 + Wii + Ps2 + DS)- 7.5M

8. Guitar Hero 3 (Wii + X360 + Ps3 + Ps2) - 7.1M

9. Lego Indiana Jones (X360 + DS + Wii + Ps2 + Ps3 + PsP) - 6.96M

10. Madden 09 (X360 + Ps3 + Ps2 + Wii + PsP + DS) - 6.07M

11. Fifa 09 (Ps3 + X360 + Ps2 + Wii + PsP + DS) - 5.86

12. Guitar Hero: WT - (Wii + X360 + Ps2 + Ps3) -  5.7M

13. New Super Mario Bros. - 5.64M

14. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed - (X360 + Wii + Ps3 + Ps2 + DS + PsP)- 5.54M

15. Brain Training - 5.51M 

16. Mario Kart DS - 4.92M

17. CoD 4 (X360 + Ps3 + DS) - 4.84M

18. Nintendogs - 4.61M

19. Kung Fu Panda (X360 + DS + Wii + Ps2 + Ps3)- 4.54M

20. More Brain Training - 4.44M

21. Gears of War 2 - 4.34M

22. Rockband (Wii + X360 + Ps3 + Ps2) - 4.19M

23. PES 2009 (Ps3 + Ps3 + X360 + PsP)- 4.12M

24. Pokemon Diamond/Pearl - 4.01M 

25. Metal Gear Solid - 3.8M 


26. Sega Superstar Tennis (X360 + Wii + DS + Ps3 + Ps2 + PsP)- 3.47M

27. Super Mario Galaxy - 3.15M

28. The Simpsons Game (DS + X360 + Ps2 + Wii + Ps3 + PsP) - 3.1M


Other titles, that are not yet placed. NOT UPDATED


Assassin's Creed (X360 + Ps3) - 2.79M

Monster Hunter Freedom 2nd G - 2.65M

GT5: P - 2.6M

Carnival Games (Wii + DS) - 2.64M

Pokemon Mystery Dungeoun 2 - 2.55M

Fallout 3 (X360 + Ps3)- 2.52M

Mario Party DS - 2.49M

NFS: Undercover (X360 + Ps3 + Ps2 + Wii + PsP + DS) - 2.37M

Fable 2 - 2.17M

Pokemon Platinum - 2.14M

Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (Wii + X360 + Ps2 + Ps3) - 2.08M

Guitar Hero: On Tour - 2.07M


The list is fairly incomplete, and I will add any games I have missed. Feel free to post any games that have above 3M for the year.

Hopefully it is interesting...

Edit: Added Pokemon Diamond/Pearl (thanks MANUELF) and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (thanks to... forgot the name)

Edit 2: Added lots of other titles.

Edit 3: Added Rockband (thanks Noname2200)

Edit 4: Added DS version of Fifa 09 (Thanks to RDP)

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it is amazing how MKWII has sold in the last 8 months, i remember that old poll and MKWii was voted last on best selling game of 2008.

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D= @ 6th place... Mario/Sonic Wii being the best selling Sega game ever >_
PS3 lol

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No Pokemon D/P?

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Nice list. This has me wondering, what is the best selling game in any one year ever? A Pokemon game? It seems like the selling rate of MK Wii can't really be beat by many other games in history. Wish all the games had full worldwide info so I could compare their graphs.

What about Wii Sports and the Force Unleashed?

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Come on put Pokemon D/P on it's 20th place and out side MGS4 it's maybe the best game of this year but please it doesn't sell like everyone expected.

Get it Out MGS4 !

Why should we wonder about MK? I voted for it in that poll earlier, and only by looking at this weeks numbers it should be obvious that it is the best selling game this year.

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