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Speculation that a new Crackdown game is in development has re-emerged, after core members of the original dev have founded new Scottish studio, Ruffian Games.

Core members moving from the original Realtime Worlds team - which is now working on promising crime-fighting MMO, APB - are said to include Crackdown lead designer Billy Thomson, along with Gaz Liddon of Xen Group, which supplied a team of 15 to provide "core technology for rendering and physics, artwork, design and managerial resources" for Crackdown.

It sounds like the boys for the job, then.

The news comes after Microsoft Game Studios itself dropped major hints on a sequel to the 360 exclusive. 

When quizzed on the possible follow-up in the semi-official Major Nelson podcast, MGS boss Phil Spencer said that Crackdown was one of his favourites, "I'll leave it at that."

Microsoft Game Studios has complete ownership of the Crackdown IP, and fan demand for a follow-up has been made clear. This could happen, and we really, really hope it does.

I really want a sequel ^^'.

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APB next year and Crackdown 2 in 2010....... Magic.

Crackdown 2 = AWESOME!

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Could be huge, if it's done right.

mZuzek loves Starfox Adventures

I still need to play the original. I've heard good things!

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^Go play it now. It's awesome.

As long as this studio has some people from Realtime Worlds I won't be disappointed. And it does.

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Crackdown is my favourite 360 game by miles.

I'm hoping this does pan out, I'll get a chance to dust of the 'old 360 =)

This sounds delicious.

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Sadly, I bought Crackdown for $17 a year or so ago - and have yet to play it. I want to - enjoyed the demo, but was just too doggone busy. Still, awesome news.