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PC Mouse and keyboard would be the best controller, providing it is allowed as an option.

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numonex said:
PC Mouse and keyboard would be the best controller, providing it is allowed as an option.

No, it's not. The mouse is, but not the keyboard.

Best controller of all = Wiimote w/ M+ w/ Nunchuck

(runner up) Best pure input count = Dualshock 3 (dual analog, dpad, 4 buttons, 2 analog stick buttons, 2 shoulder buttons + 2 shoulder triggers, motion control[6axis], attachable keyboard)

(runner up) Best comfort = Gamecube

(runner up) most adaptable for classic games = N64

If you had a PS3 controller and an N64 controller(that could be used in USB or whatever system you were connecting it to), you could emulate any game system flawlessly. PS3 would obviously handle everything post-dual analog and also Sega Dreamcast(to handle the analog triggers), but the N64 controller would handle EVERYTHING before that. Because of its 6 button layout, it's the only controller that can properly handle N64 games, and it would also be able to handle Sega Genesis games (including that double button version that I never could figure out what the top row was supposed to do) without any issues of course it would also be able to NES and SNES without issue.

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It's the wiimote. Fact not opinion.

It can do everything the classic controllers/mouse can do and a hell of lot more.

Button placement is irrelevant.

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Wiimote and Nunchuk by far

SNES. To bad it doesn't work on my PS3 for Street fighter II

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