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I have 1200 points and im thinking about buying one of them. Which one is better?

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i wanna get lost winds next time i grab some wii point. but ive never played them so i donno whats better. mm im so helpful

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Lost Winds FTW

toki tbh,
its one of the most underrated games on VC, i mean lost winds is a MUST but TT > LW

Both are fantastic. Toki Tori is a fun puzzle game with platforming elements, Lost Winds is a stellar "wind based" platformer.

I enjoyed Lost Winds a touch more, and visually it is superior, buy it is a tad short.

Toki Tori is cute, and is as fun as the Old Lolo NES series.

You can't really make a poor choice with these two.

BAM! There it is!
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I played through Lost Winds but I stopped playing Toki Tori after 1 hour. So Lost Winds.

Toki Tori should get you more playtime if you enjoy puzzles.... think of it like a 2D Zack and Wiki, except with less puzzle variation (though there is a lot of variation to say the objective each level is just to collect all the eggs) and a lot harder too.
I have spent about 15 hours on Toki Tori and still have about half of the hard puzzles to do (about 1/4 of total puzzles)

Lost Winds is beautiful, charming and just an excellent game, but it is very short... you will complete it in under 3 hours, perhaps 4 if intending to collect all the 24 statues.

I would highly reccomend both really.

In terms of the ways I enjoyed them...
Toki Tori is like a 2D Zack and Wiki. (satifaction in completing puzzles)
Lost Winds is like a 2D Super Mario Galaxy. (such a wondrous experience that you are sad when it is complete and no more left to do)

You can't go wrong with any of the two. That said, I prefer Lost Winds.

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