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Thing is, the internet backlash led to Nintendo's best retail year so far, so they are under no obligation to appease the internet. However, they did acknowledge that the old E3 was a "mistake," which means a lot coming from a company that is so traditionally immune to public opinion


Either way, the internet backlash was from people who were displeased with their Wiis at the time anyway. Meaning people who weren't swayed by Brawl or Mario Kart, and who literally wanted to see a new Mario, Zelda, or Metroid, or a new brown-grey-mature IP. These people were the ones who weren't entirely on board with Wii anyway, and who just want Nintendo to be a clone of Microsoft and Sony

So really, they could go either way. This year proved that they don't need blockbuster releases to float the sales, but the coming year does show a lot more promise in the software department

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i think reggie knows that they have to announce a few very popular core games at e3 in 09, or else nintendo might have just the casual crowd for their games. i just want a new metroid and zelda , also to keep the mature tone like in twilight princess for the new zelda.





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yushire said:

Dont make us disappoint Reggie! <.<

IM GONNA WAIT AT E3 you bet I am...


That Nintendo will release some big games in 2009 is obvious. And I think we don't have to wait until E3.

They better show something before that time too haha.

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So it was made up. Lol I should have listened to the interview. I'm not getting my hopes up again this time.

lets gets thier Q1 relases before worrying about Q3

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@woopah: What are those games? :O
I'm excited for the Wii next year :)

I'll believe it when I see it Reggie.


well ofcrs they would change their strategy after they realized that rubbish games will always be rubbish and wont sell, even if they were on E3. This was the worst E3 for me.