Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why did no-one tell me how awesome Viewtiful Joe is??

Viewtiful Joe is friggin' awesome! But sooo hard! Too bad Clover stopped!


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It's one of the most addictive games dude.

Because we assumed everyone knew this. I think the first one was better though. Relied more on your abilities so was like going back to the days of 2d gaming. The second one relied more on you working out how to solve the puzzles (so is more inline with today's gaming where it is more a question of knowing what to do rather than having the skill to do it)

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get the first one like others have said it's a much better game

get the first one man

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The first one is the better game I never really got in to the second so I only played about 40min or so, it felt like more of the same…

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Welcome to the fold, my man, and one of the best experiences from the last generation. Yes, the original is better, but don't let that stop you from enjoying this one to the fullest.

badgenome said:

It's your own fault if you didn't know. One_touch_KO tried to tell you.

Lmao, that was the first thing that popped into my head!

OT: The first one is so good, it'll make you crap your pants.  


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The second one is good, the first one is outstanding. VJ1 is one of my top 5 Cube experiences. And contrary to above, controls better on Cube than PS2.

BTW, ! & 2 are the only ones in the series that are good, the rest are shovelworthy.

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