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5.0 Presentation
Unfriendly and disjointed, anybody new to the RPG genre will find themselves quickly confused.

5.5 Graphics
Some of the backgrounds look awesome. And sometimes the game moves like a slideshow.

6.5 Sound
A mixed bag of nice orchestral music and sorely limited voice acting.

5.0 Gameplay
Confusing game progression and limited role-playing. The union system has promise but isn't fully fleshed out.

5.5 Lasting Appeal
There is a lot of gameplay here. Most people won't make it through all of it.

Mediocre OVERALL
(out of 10 / not an average)


Anybody here play it? If so, how is it? 

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No wonder it is discounted on Amazon for 40 bucks on day 0.

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dolemit3 said:
No wonder it is discounted on Amazon for 40 bucks on day 0.


Wow, S-E is really hitting some new lows

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It cant be that bad, can it?

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Wow, talk about a terrible rating, especially from ign.


Reader's Average is 8.1

Rent it first and judge it yourself. This generation there has been no love for JRPG for some reason.

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Japanese RPGs are in such a depressing state right now, at least on home consoles.



Very amusing times. Good to see that that a company that is blaming consumers for the sinking market is real responsible by releasing bad games.

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Oh wow,

I was expecting 6.5 - 8.0 from IGN, but not this low. It seems when IGN is harsh, they're really harsh.

TLR could end up with a lower Metacritic/Gamerankings score then Infinite Undiscovery....who saw that coming?

I'm leaning more towards just waiting for a PC/PS3 release and hope that SE fixes some of these issues by the time it hits the PS3. It's not like there is a lack of quality games out there, so I can wait.