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According to French website, Demon's Soul has been given a February 5, 2009 release date in Japan. Hopefully this means that the localization of the title will begin soon after.

While PlayStation fans have recently been served the likes of Eternal Sonata, Disgaea 3, Fallout 3 and Valkyria Chronicles to tide them over in the RPG scene, it’s always welcoming to see developers are willing to bolster the PS3’s library of games in this hugely popular genre.

We've included two scans from Famitsu below (thanks goes out to forum member Byoushinn)

Didnt know it would release so soon,


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a rpg dated for japan is always good news

hoefully the game tunrs out good. from software have pumped out one of my fave games this gen, although im in a minoroty on that one on these boards.

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They are rushing the game out to soon

Great news for the PS3 owning RPG lovers!

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Hope they fix it up by then. It was pretty raw on TGS.

Yeah it is pretty fast I thought it would release end of 09.

A shame it looks so crappy.

I don't think this game will be good, didn't look too good @ TGS

Oh what the hell. Impressions from TGS were horrible. Some sites said the game could barely maintain 20fps. I thought for sure this game had at least six months left of development, if not closer to a year.

I now have no hope that this game will be good.