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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS3's biggest exclusive of 09

There's a lot of good ones. The biggest exclusive would have to be God of War III.


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god of war 3 for me

^everyone knows infamous owns but it's god of war we're talking about and gt5,
so it's good but not that good sales wise

today i saw killzone on a 32' full HD TV.


Gt5 but the game i am looking forwar to most is Gow3.


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GT5, of course.

By sales:

FFXIII(it`s always possible, that x360 version will be delayed, like PS3 LR ver.)
Uncharted 2
Heavy Rain
Ico 3
Yakuza 3
Quantum Theory
Demon`s Soul

And there might come some new PS3 exclusives.

Every 5 seconds on earth one child dies from hunger...

2009.04.30 - PS3 will OUTSELL x360 atleast by the middle of 2010. Japan+Europe > NA.

Gran Turismo 3 - 1,06 mln. in 3 weeks with around 4 mln. PS2 on the launch.
Gran Turismo 4 - 1,16 mln. with 18 mln. PS2 on the launch.

Final Fantasy X - around 2 mln. with 5 mln. PS2 on the launch.
Final Fantasy X-2 - 2.4 mln. with 12 mln. PS2 on the launch.


1.8 mln. PS3 today(2008.01.17) in Japan. Now(2009.04.30) 3.16 mln. PS3 were sold in Japan.
PS3 will reach 4 mln. in Japan by the end of 2009 with average weekly sales 25k.

PS3 may reach 5 mln. in Japan by the end of 2009 with average weekly sales 50k.
PS2 2001 vs PS3 2008 sales numbers =) + New games released in Japan by 2009 that passed 100k so far

In order:

1. Gran Turismo 5 (assuming it makes it out in '09)
2. Killzone 2
3. God of War III (it will have a bigger opening than Killzone, but Killzone should have CoD4-ish legs, and Killzone will sell for the whole year)
4. Uncharted 2
5. InFamous

Heavy Rain will be niche, though it'll probably break a million due to Sony's marketing. It'll be Quantic Dream's best selling title, for sure.

As far as Japan is concerned:

1. Final Fantasy XIII (assuming it makes it out in '09)
2. Gran Turismo 5
3. White Knight Chronicles

Edit: Whoops, White Knight Chronicles is coming out in December in Japan.

Killzone2 for sure

kill zone 2!
(well, god of war 3 too..)