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Forums - Sales Discussion - Analysis: First week CoD WaW Wii major flop, Medal of Honor breaks 500k

Call of Duty World at War

I did some research today, and it seems Call of Duty World at War on the Wii flopped gigantically.

The amount of accounts online are just short of 18.000 worldwide. Considering some people might have bought it on sunday and early monday, let's say there are 17.000 people who bought the game first week and created an online account.

Now it's a little guestimating, but I think over half of the people who bought it didn't try online yet. Most people will after completing some missions, and some don't have their Wii's connected at all.

I'm pretty confident the worldwide sales of the game for the first week are in the 40k - 60k interval.

Medal of Honor: Heroes 2

After some more research, there seems to be about 140.000 user accounts in PAL alone for this game. Considering Australia and some other regions don't even have online, I'm pretty sure the game sold between 230k - 270k in PAL. This brings the total sales number to 470k - 510k, so it should break 500k at least this year.

I'm pretty sad World at War flopped, I expected 200k at least. However, seeing how well Medal of Honor did, Call of Duty can still reach 600k, but a million is practically unreachable at this point.


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Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves...

--OkeyDokey-- said:
Let's not get too far ahead of ourselves...

Eh? This is an analysis, you know, an estimate, it's what people do on this site.

You know, CoD isn't your typical day 1 purchase title. I would assume that it will sell a bunch during christmas, so don't fret just yet.

Huh. Who would've thought that beggining anew in my real life would coincide with starting anew on vgchartz?

Any day now, the dollar will be worth less than 2 zloty......any day now.....and my life savings will be in total jepordy ;(.

This isn't good for people who want this kind of game on the Wii. Could be one more reason for Infinity Ward to not produce a version for the Wii.

Medal of Honor: I dunno, whats were the differences in the series on the PS2 to make one more popular than the other? Did MOH appeal to a much wider fanbase?


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I think the numbers are a little higher than you think, but ya, did you expect it to have great sales? It'll probably reach 1mil sales in its life.

Some PAL-Versions of Cod don't play online with other countries. For the gamer who bought the german version could only play with other germans.

I think 40-60k for the first week is great for the game. I expect long legs for CoD on the Wii.

If you take a look at PS3's version theres more then 400k + accounts, and like 100k people on daily. Probably goes the same for the 360.

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For clarification: I'm not counting the amount of users online at any given time, I'm talking about all online accounts that are created in total.

To think the game has sold significantly more than 60k first week would be way too optimistic IMO.

I bought the game.. I just kind of suck right now so I haven't made an online account yet. haha.

That and Vesperia/Symphonia2 is getting all of my time.