Forums - General Discussion - If you eat meat and believe in global warming you are a hypocrit.

The_vagabond7 said:
Nj5 is right, we need to kill China.

No, China is now actually doing their part to contain population levels (whether we agreed with the methods or not).

If we're going to kill someone to solve the overpopulation problem, it's better to do it in Africa where people procreate like rabbits. Maybe India too.


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China, India, and Africa. I think the US has the nuclear arsenal to wipe those three completely off the map. Then we save the world....wait...nukes are good for the environment right?

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Start from the top and work your way down the list.

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global warming is man made but i couldn't care less so i eat meat.

I don't see the hypocrit in that

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Where does hunting fit into this?

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I may believe in global warming, but I have no motivation to contribute towards solving the problem (if that's your implied definition of hypocrisy).



@d21lewis, I totally agree. Meat Rules but so does the Earth. Everybody wins!


Dogs Rule said:
The day I heard about that 3 years ago, I switched to soy-milk and sped up my becoming a vegetarian goal. I still eat meat, just very little, though never pork since the amount of shit (pig shit is so awful that it doesn't qualify for the term manure) per pound of consumable meat is terrible.

Beef is much much worse.

There's an urban myth not sure how true it is, that over it's lifetime a cow is worse than a Range Rover for the enviroment. That said, that is in Britain, so no large amounts of CO2 etc being produced by transporting it.

Oh yeah, and even Top Gear said so

I believe global warming is both real and man made.... and yet I cannot pull myself away from meat.

I don't eat meat excessively. On the rare occasion I eat a steak, it's likely to be a reasonably sized 6-8 oz cut. I don't gulp down entire platters of chicken tenders, just stick to a few.

But just because I'm not willing to participate to an extreme in ALL solutions to global warming does NOT make me a hypocrite :P

- I have cut down my energy useage signifcantly, on the order of 30% or more reduction in my electricity use each month

- I work a job now that allows me to telecommute every day - meaning I fill up my gas tank every 6 weeks now

- I encourage others to find ways to cut their electricity use - often getting them started by giving them a CCFL to replace a standard bulb in their home. It's amazing the kind of chain reaction simply giving someone one of these bulbs can start

- I make an effort to purchase products that are certified for certain level of energy efficiency, or renewable manufacturing techniques

- I eat fewer beans and more meat, which gives me less gas and thus less contribution to methane emissions :P Ok, that one's a joke, but I DO have less gas when I eat meat instead of beans.

      More evidence for overpopulation being the problem:

      Is there more flatulence in a vegetarian diet?

      Suffice it to say that flatulence is a common complaint among and about vegans, and for that matter vegetarians generally. (For those of you who don't know many vegetarians, they come in various flavors; vegans are the most hard-core, eschewing not only meat but animal products of any kind, including milk and eggs.) The problem is the body's inability to fully digest the complex carbohydrates so abundant in the vegetarian diet and the consequent excessive production of gases such as hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane.

      So vegetarianism is really shifting methane and CO2 emissions from the cow's ass to a human's ass?


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