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zexen_lowe said:
marciosmg said:
zexen_lowe said:

Best meat of the world
Best football league and most passionate supporters of the world
Best dialect of spanish
Free universities




You are a very funny man, Mr. Lowe :D

Name one thing that can compare to a Boca-River in La Bombonera. You can't, there's nothing that can compare with it. The Guardian didn't name it the best sport event in the world for nothing


LOL I feel like ive heard this discussion many times before. Anyway, everybody knows the chilean league is the best/jk(It sucks dont need to tell me)


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Where else can you find this?


I love my city (St.-Pete's) the most beautiful city,_St._Petersburg,_Russia.jpg


numonex said:

Well simple really follow the title. Set it out like this


Name of country


What you  like about it? Provide reasons why.

Music - Oasis, The Beatles, Queen, etc..

I will give my answers later on in the thread.




Cool Climate (even if it rains too much), Little chances of Natural Disasters (Earthquakes, Hurricanes), Great Authors like Shakespeare.

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Spain (Canary Islands)

Best climate of the world, incredible beaches, nice people, what else?