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I cannot figure out the point in even giving an overall score when it in no way reflects the overall score of the different areas that they just scored. Why can the average score be a 6.9, and the overall score be a 5.3. This is just very confusing to me. This is not a game I am interested in, but it looks a little better to me than a 5.3. I think the 6.9 average would have been a little closer imo.

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What in the devil are you talking about

No one is talking about this game review's score as a function of its various categorical scores

Edit: Dammit kazadoom

Is it me btw, or is the final score from IGN....kind of low despite the fracture scores.

First post after O.P.

And Kazadoom.


DMeisterJ said:
Is it me btw, or is the final score from IGN....kind of low despite the fracture scores.

First post after O.P.

And Kazadoom.






Why do you bring thigns back up when they should not be discussed.

The primary focus of the discussion when you came in was that IGN's 7 is roughly equivalent to Gamepro's 3 or 2.5, based on where their scale starts.

Actually DMJ, i wasn't saying that the combined fracture scores don't add up, it justs seems to me that despite the reviewers problems with the game, it should score at least a 6.0 with ease.

Besides, what you said about IGN giving fair reviews based on the system the game is on, that is total BS. Every single time there's a multiplat that also has a Wii version, the review mainly consists of whining that the game is not up to par with the PS3 and xbox360 versions (COD WAW review for instance) or that it has some modes missing, therefore, even if there are more than enough miltiplayer modes already, the games gets a lower score because of it.

Anf for the life of me i still can not comprehend what the hell does "too much waggle" mean. I don't see other games haveing points (as much as Wii games) detracted for being button mashers

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Menago KF said:
@stof you said it brother.

At any rate, a 3,5 star rating from gamepro usually means that the game isn't great but decent/good. Plus, i've been hearing that other sites are giving better scores as well.

The waggle fest that the reviewer mentioned really raised my doubts about this reviews realiability, since there have been tons of previews that stated that while it may be easier to just waggle your way through the game, the controls allow you to smoothly and with precision deal out combos.

Seems to me that the reviewer didn't really try to do anything with the game. And this is starting to become standard procedure for the IGN staff.


Yes all the recent reviews of Wii games from ign are all bad written. The only decent review was the uk-review from Wii Music.

darthdevidem01 said:
My faith in Lucasarts is just about gone.

they had a chance to make one the best selling games ever (everyone wants a SW Lightsaber game) & they managed to muck it up!

Please just let Nintendo make it next time!

I have to agree with you on this one. Stars Wars Squadron on GameCube was one of the last good games I played by them, and that was developed by Factor 5...


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I can agree...too much waggle= too much button a bad way

waggle means: does not matter wich way you swing

I was hoping for it to have actual right, left, up etc etc etc

but they failed..anyone who's interested in a 3D fighter..get Castlevania:Judgment!!!