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Forums - General Discussion - What's the POOREST you've ever been?

My life is pretty good.  I will go out on a limb and say that I'm blessed.  Sure, I'm no millionaire or anything, but from the outside looking in, I think I'm making it.  But in these times of plenty, let us not forget......the hard times.

I remember having to sew my shoes back together in school because my mom didn't have the money to buy new ones and I didn't want to burden her. 

I remember Christmas mornings when I wouldn't get anything from anybody.

I remember living in Atlanta in an apartment with no electricity and living off  of Taco Bell and Little Debbie Oatmeal pies.

I can go on and on, but I won't.  I want to hear about you guys.  Any of you ever had to struggle?  Share with the class, please.

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Right now. Haha.

I have $16.03 in my bank account, but I get paid today.

I just turned 18 in August so I don't have a story like yours and although my parents weren't/aren't rich or anything they've always been pretty well off financially (dad's a state officer and mom's a teacher).

When I left home around my 16.  I had nothing, lucky their were some friends where I could stay and did I find a job fast.

Yeah. I always had a roof over my head and food to eat, but in 1997 I decided I was going to move to Atlanta. I was 20 I think. I caught a ride there and all I had was $2000 in the bank and a duffle bag full of clothes. I took my PS1 too, even though I didn't bring a T.V.. Probably should've wore a sign that said "Dumbass. Please rob me."

After a couple of weeks, my money was gone. I was staying in some pretty shady places. Before it was all over though, I was manager of a shoe store in. I hated retail, so I came back to where I was raised. It was rough moving to a new place with no plan whatsoever, but I think it made me a better man.

Twitter: @d21lewis

Wow, that sucks man.

I've never been that strapped for cash but at the moment I don't have enough for rent.

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Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis
When I was dead broke, man I couldn't picture this
50 inch screen, money green leather sofa
Got two rides, a limousine with a chauffeur
Phone bill about two G's flat
No need to worry, my accountant handles that
And my whole crew is loungin'
Celebratin' every day, no more public housin'
Thinkin' back on my one-room shack
Now my mom pimps a Ac' with minks on her back
And she loves to show me off, of course
Smiles every time my face is up in The Source
We used to fuss when the landlord dissed us
No heat, wonder why Christmas missed us
Birthdays was the worst days
Now we sip champagne when we thirst-ay
Uh, damn right I like the life I live
'Cause I went from negative to positive
And it's all...

seriously though, there was a time when i couldn't afford games, i always had money for basic stuff though, now i am not rich but i am not doing too bad

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I also remember New Years (it's simmilar to Christmas) without presents, when my Dad earned around 15$ a month.
Now thank God i'm doing pretty well


When I was first born til probably 5 years old, as I wasn't making anything at that young age.

My parents taught me to save at minimum 10% of everything I earned, and by the time I got into college I had a good chunk of $ saved up. I then got full scholarships for everything, and I've never been broke. I'm not rich, but at least I have enough to live on for quite a while if I ever lost my job.

My parents are struggling now, and are just breaking even which sucks since their retirement fund was destroyed when the market stared to drop. But at least everyone is out on their own now, so they just have to provide for themselves.

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I remember a Christmas in the early 90s when I received only $450 for Christmas. It was a trying time, but I persevered through it. I believe my character and resolve are stronger because of it.