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16-bit gamer said:
i don't know how people can be so stupid. I can't beleive Ron Paul didn't do better in the election. he's the only politician that isn't evil



Yeah, he would have would have did better in the election if the other Republicans didn't put him down all the time. When I would watch the Republican debates they constantly put down his ideas making him look like an "idiot". wait a minute, It was a good thing that the Republicans selfiously putting down members of thier own party, i mean that would just be silly if they were working for the same goal (Wink, Wink, Elbow, Elbow). Because of that they left a Democrat get to the White House.

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Doesn't Ron Paul want to eliminate income tax completely? I voted democrat this year, but not because I believe in unlimited government spending.

If you look at the last 28 years, the only president we had that balanced the budget was a democrat. More of that please.

I have a moderate stance on size of government... I don't want to abolish the IRS and eliminate income taxes like Ron Paul, or have a ridiculous social welfare net like the French have, but we do need a middle ground.

Moderate taxes, moderate government, moderate regulation... everything in moderation :P

Ron Paul is one side of the extreme coin - he doesn't want to just downsize government, he wants to make it almost nonexistent.