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WOW, 38/40 (95)

Is strange Japan seems to love this game but we're pretty skeptical about it in the US

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wow thats amazing, didnt expect it to get those scores!

I'm pretty sure i'm going to buy this game anyways. again i'm sure western reviewers wont like this title much but i'm trusting them less and less after i saw the new tales of symphonia review.

This game is a must for me!

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I haven't played a Square-Enix game in a long time, so I am buying this game regardless of reviews. But higher ones always make me feel better about that decision!

To say the least.......never trust Famitsu reviews. They are well known for being paid to give good reviews, they were caught doing it but they keep right on. The same people gave Haze 34/40 *shudders*

Do you have any evidence to call that Famitsu's reviewers receive money from the developers to give good reviews? Famitsu gave GTAIV 39/40 and LBP 38/40. How is that so different from the western reviewers?

Famitsu's reviews represent Japanese/Asian's point of view. You can disagree with those reviews, but don't call it a fraud. I personally agree with their reviews on games that are popular in Japan/Asia more than IGN or other western gaming sites with good reputations.



That is really a great score for the last remnant. I fell in love with this game at the time I saw the first trailer of this game last year. It's too bad that I have to wait a bit longer for the PS3 version, but I will definitely get it.

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:P If you want to read the actual comments from the famitsu reviewers