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I call my xbox360 "The fat one"

My Wii "The chosen one*" (*with waggle)

My ps3 "The silly one". ( It thinks that it's better than the rest)

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Any day now, the dollar will be worth less than 2 zloty......any day now.....and my life savings will be in total jepordy ;(.

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My father has called every console since my NES a Nitendo (with a missing N).

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I call my Wii "Wii". I call my 360 "360". I call my DS lite "DS". Why would you name your console? It's not a living thing.

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I call my GameCube "Big Cube", my PS2 "pee-ahs-two" and my X360 "eks-three-sixty"






I call my car gargaling gretta ( its a jetta and my friend came up with it, he named his car loose Lucy) as far as naming a console I didn't know anybody did that


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I call my xbox 360 "The loud hot white box rumbling and shaking my TV".

I call my systems as follows:

360 = My Baby

PS3 = My Blu-Ray Player

Wii= My expensive paperweight.

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I just call my console "Playstation" so i have basically said for the last 10 years of my life. "I'm going to play on my Playstation."

Hmm, pie.

Wii = WiiWii, and she's a girl. I get funny looks when I tell people that, it's awesome.
Gamecube = Baby, undefined gender.
N64 = ...forgot the name but he was a boy. (RIP )
SNES was just 'El Super Nintendo'. In fact, my parents think every console is a 'Nintendo'.

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When I'm referring to our consoles and generally talking about them:

Wii - "we're playing brawl, let's go" (generally I don't talk about it other than that one line.)
360 - "that white PC ripoff"
PS3 - "that black PC ripoff

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