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god of war 1, 2,

gears of war 1, 2, 

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GOW=God of War

GeOW=Gears of War




Gears of War is better.

God of War is also very good, but not as good.
My Opinion.


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God of War is a fantastic game. Gears is a shooter. God of War wins in my eyes. Besides, God of War was first, it has the rights to GoW

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Gears of War (IMO), but both are exceptional in there own way.

another point to consider is that Gears of war is next gen ,,,we have yet to see a next gen god of war,,,,but i do love them both(maybe god of war a bit more)




Gow.  Alan Gow.


Gears of War

a biased vote for god of war (dont have gears), the first awesome game to claim the initials.

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