Forums - Sony Discussion - Can PS3 Explode in Japan in 09??

let's look at  the games:


1.FF advent movie bundled with PS3


3.Resident Evil 5

4.FFXIII by the end of 09 only in Japan

5.WKC(only 5 days before 09 so we could assume the sale spikes mostly in 09)


PS3 will most probably get a price cut in Japan in 09 as well.


What do you think?what other games are coming out in japan that will help PS3 in 09?




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Slim Ps3 + FF13.....then yes

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I think they better hold the slim trick for 2010,,,,,in 09 they have lots of games and a price cut,,,so they should not play all their cards.




RE5 won't do much of anything in Japan. RE1-3 were all very big in Japan, selling over 1.5 million a piece. Combined, the GC and ps2 versions of RE4 barely broke 700k.

It seems Japanese gamers have good taste, lol.

it doesn't matter if it's slim or not
just lower the price like $50-$100
and they should bundle WKC this year

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Explode? No.

Huge spike? Depends on if FF13 actually makes 09.

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it better not, my warranty is almost done.

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ClaudeLv250 said:
Explode? No.

Huge spike? Depends on if FF13 actually makes 09.


lol,,,I consider going from 5,000 a week to 30,000 a week, an explosion.




If MGS4 could take PS3 to 77K

I can't imagine what T3H FF could do

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