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Sony Playstation 4 Computer Quead-Core, tru HD & 4-D Gaming System -----

PS4 for short

Xbox N78

Super Wii

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Playstation 4

Xbox 1080

Super Gameboy ( I want nintendo to make a new gameboy)

Super Nintendo Wii

Sega Revolution (Sega's comeback... if they had one)


Super Nintendo DS

Xbox pure
playstation 4

Playstation Nova
Nintendo Hi
Xbox real

Nintendo Elite
Playstation 4ever
Xbox 720

Nintendo Next
Sony Go

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Nintendo WiiWii


Nintendo Wiiarefuckingrich

i think 720 is likely for the next microsoft console.

sony sticks with playstation 4.

nintendo will sell the Super Wii or Wii HD

- Super Nintendo Wii (just imagine: the NES was good, the SNES was better!);
- Sony PlayStation 4 (very original);
- Xbox Circle (what, they think we're doing geometry here?).

^ I'll give a cookie to anyone that gets the joke. ;)

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Wii2 (for "we too now have HD graphics... :P )

PSDelta (I just like that greek letter..)

XBOXUltra (well, I'm not inspired right now...)

 1   2   3  not only you and me.

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